In the situation where an organisation wishes to carry out an independent audit of its suppliers, CFStartingPoint Pty Ltd can provide audit services to review conformance to 9001, 14001, 18001 management system criteria. The outcome of this audit service is a formal report against the standards with action plans required of the supplier.

CFStartingPoint Pty Ltd has developed or audited management systems for:

  • CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: Certification of commercial building; Scope extends to Residential and Earth Construction.
  • MANUFACTURING: Sheet metal fabrication, polyethylene rotomoulding, plastic extrusion, water pumps, paint manufacture, automotive parts; medical industry components; clothing; cosmetics
  • HEAVY ENGINEERING: Pump repairs, industrial gear boxes, pipeline repair, metal fabrication.
  • INFRASTUCTURE INSTALLATION: NBN and Gas Pipeline repair; civil engineering
  • EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Quality systems in employment placement and recruitment in a wide range of industries
  • MEDICAL INDUSTRY: Blood products, heart valve, tubing and accessories, hospital industry; pharmaceutical; Non-Emergency Patient Transfer (NEPT)
  • TRANSPORT: Public bus service; Vic Roads Pre-Qualification Scheme; Vic Roads Compliance -Traffic Management; Logistics
  • EARTH CONSTRUCTION: High level knowledge, experience and industry contacts for rammed earth and mudbrick construction techniques. Knowledge of energy efficient design
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: Contaminated land reclamation, infrastructure restoration, treatment plants, sewer link systems
  • EDUCATION INDUSTRY: Quality in Schools, Group Training Self-Assessment; Technical and Further Education
  • PRINTING INDUSTRY: Offset, Digital, Four Colour and Laser
  • HORTICULTURE: Nursery industry; Irrigation Systems Manufacture
  • RETAIL: Quality standards in Australia wide retailer; import of product
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